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Introducing SB Nation MLB Awards

Because voting is important.

The Man always wins
The Man always wins
Alex Wong

Award season is here!

Okay, so some people aren't as excited about award season as I am. "It is a joooooke," "A DH won a Gold Glove," "Mike Trout should have been MVP," "Mike Trout should have been MVP"...

Are these legitimate criticisms? Perhaps so. (Yes, yes they most certainly are.) But what are we to do? We cannot stop the BWAA from voting how they want...

There is only one thing to do.

Make. Our Own. Damn. Thing.

And so I present to you the SB Nation MLB Awards! It is our job to pick the best contender from each of the following six categories as chosen by SBNation to go up against the champions from the other Major League Baseball SB Nation Blogs. Here is the voting schedule:

November 11:

Funniest moment
Most regrettable moment*

November 12:

Defensive play
Most important hit of the year

November 13:

Pitching appearance of the year

November 14:

Team of the year

So remember to do your civic duty and get out there (here) and vote. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments, tweet me @lil_scooter93 or e-mail me at

*Example of a "Most regrettable moment": From Royals Review: Not sending Alex Gordon in Game Seven of the World Series