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Behold Matt Adams's NLDS-winning home run in video and gifs

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The following video has the following calls of Matt Adams's NLDS-winning homer:

  1. Joe Buck on Fox Sports 1
  2. John Rooney on KMOX (1:00 mark)
  3. Vin Scully (1:39 mark)

Behold with your eyes and ears:

If you don't like wonderful radio calls of historic baseball home runs and prefer the silent repetition of pixelated images instead, we've got you covered as well. Adams's NLDS-winning dinger in gifs.

1. The swing and slightly premature celebration and "Oh shoot that might not be gone" pause.

2. The moment of realization that the ball sailed over the outfield fall and eight-bit Super Mario Bros. jumps down to first base in celebration.

3. The dugout's fist-pumping, A.J. Pierzynski's crotch-thrusting, and Jon Jay's finger-pointing at A.J. Pierzynski's crotch-thrusting.

By the gods of baseball, that was glorious.