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Introducing VEB Comics: Full House to Animal House

At the 2014 trade deadline, John Mozeliak transformed the Cardinals' clubhouse from Full House into Animal House... for better or worse.

With the blessing of our overlord, we're unveiling a new feature here at VEB, which will be comics about our favorite baseball team. They'll be drawn by me, that guy formerly of Future Redbirds who wrote incessantly about Mike O'Neil.

On Bernie Miklasz and Derrick Goold's The Best Podcast in Baseball's 18th episode, Goold had a brilliant line:

"It's very funny how the Cardinals have gone from Full House to Animal House in five days... They've gone from a sitcom to a bawdy movie."

This mental image needed life, or at least a two-dimensional interpretation:

On July 26th, 2014, John Mozeliak signed league villain, A.J. Pierzynski, to fill in for then-injured Yadier Molina. Five days later, Joe Kelly and Allen Craig were sent to Boston in return for John Lackey... and the St. Louis Cardinals were never the same:

Full House to Animal House