Game Recap: 1/9/2014

In the top of the first, VEB got off to a great start when lboros moved from Curveblog to here, on SBNation's platform. Very few people were members, comments didn't auto refresh, and we liked it.

In the second, additional writers like Chuckb, erik, and Valatan came on board. Things were great.The Red Baron started writing at some point in time, but i'll try to keep it brief on when that was.

In the third, we won the World Series and I may have told Keith Law to suck my dick. I don't think Keith Law ever came back. My apologies.

In the fourth, things were boring!

In the fifth inning, we made a pitching change and lboros handed the keys over to DanUp. It went pretty smoothly! Later, tom s, bgh, and az started writing here. VEP tried to, but he smoked too much weed and quit. Just like Matt Morris!

At the top of the sixth, DanUp started SBNation Saint Louis. Legos were involved. It was weird. At the end of the sixth, gdm finally got a job and was never heard from again.

We won the World Series in the top of the seventh inning (AGAIN), and made it to Game Seven of the NLCS in the bottom of the inning, before az jinxed us and we lost. :( Y2S disappeared.

In the eighth, we lost the World Series to the Red Sox. Shelby Miller was eaten by wolves.

In the top of the ninth, management decided to once again make a pitching change, and this one went about as well as a combination of Ryan Franklin and Mitch Boggs. The new pitcher either quit or was fired in three days and currently we are adrift on a pontoon boat which has been caught on fire in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I had to eat fink to stay alive, but he's a vegetarian and barely has any meat on him!

So here we are. The game's not over yet. Joe seems like a decent enough writer! That's good. Everything else is like something out of a nightmare of Uncle Joe Stalin's. That's bad!

But at least there's a recap.