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2014 NLDS

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STL Baseball Weekly: Matheny explains NLDS Game 1 lineup decisions

As is typical (and appreciated), STL Baseball Weekly includes an audio embed of the interview that spurred the post. This one consists of St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny explaining his lineup decision for NLDS Game 1 against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Cards bench as unsurprising as it is underwhelming

The Cardinals bench this NLDS is the product of two years worth of derailed plans.

NLDS Preview: Dodger strengths, Dodger weaknesses.

A brief look at each Dodger's strengths and weaknesses.

*Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher on the planet

Game 1 of the 2014 NLDS: Adam Wainwright and the Cardinals versus Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers at 5:37 PM CST, in Los Angeles.

Let the games begin: NLDS bingo/drinking game card

A game where everyone wins.

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True Blue LA: NLDS Q&A with Viva El Birdos Site Manager Ben Humphrey

I answered some questions for True Blue LA, our Dodgers SBN sister site.

Cardinals announce NLDS roster

On Thursday, the Cardinals officially announced their 25-man active roster for the NLDS.

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Cardinals NLDS roster set, Kozma, Gonzales on, Ellis, Motte off

The Cardinals have set their roster for the series against the Dodgers. C-Yadi, Cruz IF-Adams, Wong, Carpenter, Peralta, Descalso, Kozma OF- Holliday, Jay, Bourjos, Taveras, Grichuk SP-Wainwright, Lynn, Lackey, Miller RP-Rosenthal, Neshek, Martinez, Maness, Wacha, Choate, Freeman, Gonzales

The St Louis Cardinals are NLDS tyrants: A history

A look at the Cardinals' dominance in the NLDS from 2000-2013.

Cardinals made the right decision with Wacha

If Michael Wacha were at 100% effectiveness, it would be a simple decision to start him during the NLDS, but he isn't.

Dancing with the Dodgers

The Cardinals and Dodgers may not be a noted rivalry, but St. Louis has squared off with them more often than any other National League team in the postseason.

An NLDS live discussion with True Blue LA

David Lauterbach and I are talking Cardinals and Dodgers for the rest of the week up until the NLDS kicks off.

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Cardinals announce Wacha-less NLDS starting rotation

Manager Mike Matheny announced the Cards' NLDS rotation will be: Game 1, Wainwright; Game 2, Lynn; Game 3, Lackey; and, Game 4, Miller. Wacha will be in the NLDS bullpen.

NLDS Roster: Kozma, Matheny, & small sample sizes

If the rumblings are correct, it appears that Pete Kozma might be making the St. Louis Cardinals NLDS roster and a Game 1 start at second base because of his successful results against Clayton Kershaw over nine head-to-head plate appearances.

*The Anatomy of a Failed Bet

The Kansas City Royals and the Oakland Athletics both had everything to lose last night, not just for this year, but for a long time forward.

Is RF a strength or weakness this October?

With Carlos Beltran manning right field last October, the position was a strength for the Cardinals. With Beltran gone, is right field a strength or a weakness this postseason?

Playoff Roster Construction by WAR

Specifically fWAR, if anyone's asking.

Hunt and Peck: "We own the Central" Edition

The magic number is Kerry Robinson!

What will the Cardinals do with Wacha?

Michael Wacha has struggled in his attempt to come back from injury in September. He showed both good and bad in his last start against Arizona. The Cardinals face a difficult roster decision leading up to the NLDS against the Dodgers.

*Division champs in spite of or because of trades?

Process vs. results when the achieved result is the goal that drove the process.

Much ado about Kershaw

Do the Cardinals set their pitching matchups to best avoid Clayton Kershaw or not?