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2014 NLCS

Cardinals vs. Giants 2014 NLCS Game II BINGO

Game II!

It is time for Adam Wainwright to take a step back

Adam Wainwright and the Cardinals need to think long and hard about whether or not he should pitch in game five.

Why did Tony Cruz pinch-hit in NLCS Game 1?

I've crunched the numbers and I have no idea.

It's time to bench Randal Grichuk

After hitting well for a few weeks in September, Randal Grichuk looks out of his depth in October.

NLCS Game 1 Gamethread

Adam Wainwright & Madison Bumgarner

You have alternatives to Buck, Reynolds & Verducci

If you're sick and tired of Reynolds, Tom Verducci and Joe Buck, you have options. And for Saturday's NLCS Game 1, you have a unique alternative to FOX's run-of-the-mill broadcast.

Cardinals - Giants 2014 NLCS BINGO

Let the games resume!

Waino aggravated his 6/10 arm injury, but is fine?

Pay no attention to that aggravation behind the throwing elbow, Adam Wainwright is "fine" to start NLCS Game 1, but what can we expect from him and his compromised throwing arm?

*Will Grichuk and Holliday power a Game 1 victory?

My magic eight ball filled with nerdy heat maps says: Yes.

Cards NLCS roster: Bat added; pitcher subtracted

There's one pelvic-thrusting change.

Hunt and Peck: Special NLCS Edition


What are the Giants' strengths and weaknesses?

A look at Giant strengths and Giant weaknesses. (Spoiler: They have no giant strengths or giant weaknesses. I can think of another team like that.)

*Know your game 1 NLCS foe: Madison Bumgarner

Madison Bumgarner is a really good pitcher who is especially deadly against left-handed hitters. With his low walk rate (4.9%), the Cardinals will likely have to either string together a hits or continue hitting HRs if they want to succeed in game 1.

Michael Wacha should be left off the NLCS roster

If the Cardinals aren't going to have Michael Wacha pitch, then he shouldn't be on the NLCS roster.

Improbable power surge propelled the Cards to NLCS

The Cardinals struggled to slug all season. This being October, it was only natural that power-hitting propelled St. Louis past the Dodgers in the NLDS.

*Cardinals offense needs to start early in NLCS

The Cardinals' opening series was full of late-game drama, and the Giants series should provide more of the same. However, if the Cardinals are to advance to the World Series, they would be wise not to wait so late in the game to start hitting.