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2014 NLCS

Mike Matheny: One-plan man

The rigidity of Matheny's NLCS Game 5 approach hurt the Cardinals' chances of beating the Giants.

Can STL win the World Series despite Matheny?

After NLCS Game 5, one wonders if the Cardinals will ever be able to win a World Series in spite of their manager.

Cry in Your Beer While You Wait For A Recap Thread

When do pitchers and catchers report?

NLCS Game 5 Overflow 1 Gamethread

Dingers by Adams and Cruz have the Cardinals up 3-2 after 4. Keep on keepin' on, Birdos.

NLCS Game 5 Gamethread

Adam Wainwright & Madison Bumgarner & the Lurking Specter of Winter

Cardinals at Giants 2014 NLCS Game 5 BINGO

Game V!

What is Wacha's postseason bullpen role?

Based on manager Mike Matheny's words and actions, it appears that Michael Wacha is the Cardinals' extra-innings pitcher of last resort.

A call to arms

With the Cardinals facing elimination, I offer this rallying cry to you, my fellow VEBers, in hopes of stirring our collective spirit. (Some portions may be borrowed from great works of film and literature.)

*Analyzing Mike Matheny's decisions in Game 4

Taking a closer look at the moves in the Cardinals' disappointing loss.

NLCS Game 4 Overflow 2 RALLY THREAD

Cardinals are down 6-4 heading into the seventh. Rally!

NLCS Game 4 Overflow 1 Gamethread

Cards lead 4-3 after 3 innings.

NLCS Game 4 Gamethread

Shelby Miller & Ryan Vogelsong

Cardinals at Giants NLCS Game 4 BINGO

Game IV!

A tip of the cap to Marco Gonzales

Marco Gonzales has been simply fantastic since being recalled on August 29th.

Taking the Temperature

What looked to be an evenly matched series between playoff rivals is looking more and more like a war of attrition the Cardinals aren't at all likely to win.

Featured Fanshot

Randal Grichuk nearly hits the sun.

NLCS Game 3 Overflow Gamethread

An early 4-0 Giants lead has been trimmed to 4-3. Continue the rally!

NLCS Game 3 Gamethread

John Lackey & Tim Hudson

Cardinals at Giants NLCS Game 3 BINGO

Game Three!

Cards release NLCS Game 3 lineup

There's a different catcher, but you knew that already. The outfield composition is the same.

What's the matter with Rosenthal?

Velocity concerns have given way to control worries as 2014 has progressed.

*How to beat Tim Hudson

Tim Hudson's comeback season in 2014 looks like the same Tim Hudson from the latter half of his career. Here's how the Cardinals can attack Hudson's strengths on the way to winning Game 3 tonight.

Yadier Molina is only mostly dead. Can he return?

There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive.

Hunt and Peck: Links of the Weekend


How big is the loss of Yadi for the Cards?

Yadier Molina bowing out of the NLCS with an oblique injury is a huge loss for the Cardinals even if he hasn't quite been himself since returning from the disabled list after undergoing surgery on his right hand.

Lance Lynn's playoff starts should be appreciated

Homers are the theme du jour for the Cardinals this playoff season and with disappointing starts from Adam Wainwright and fantastic finishes, that attention is deserved. Lance Lynn is pitching well and deserves a bit of attention, too

How fast, long, & important were the Game 2 HRs?

An accounting of the Redbirds' majestic Game 2 dingers.

Featured Fanshot

Wainwright points at Matheny like "You the man(ager)"

Viva el lefties: Homers power Cards to NLCS tie

The left handed bats of Carpenter, Taveras, Adams, and Wong power the Cardinals past the Giants 5-4 to even the series at one game a piece.

NLCS Game 2 Overflow 2 Gamethread

The game is tied 3-3 heading into the bottom of the 8th. I call for Cardinals Run(s).

NLCS Game 2 Overflow Thread

Marptober is my favorite month.

NLCS Game 2 Gamethread

Lance Lynn & Jake Peavy