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Temporary Early Saturday Morning Thread of Discussionicity

What shall the Cardinals do about the man they call Big City? (Other than come up with a nickname that doesn't suck ass, that is.)

Yep, it was that kind of night.
Yep, it was that kind of night.
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Last night -- bad game. Bad way to start off what is likely the single most important two-week stretch of baseball this team will play all season. It sucked. Badly.

On the other hand, both of the teams pursuing El Birdos currently lost their own tilts last night. So, no harm, no foul? Right?

Insomnia is a real bitch, you know? Unfortunately, she's been my companion for more years than I can count at this point, and she doesn't seem interested in moving on anytime soon. There are too many hours in the night when you can't sleep, too much time in the dark, listening to the sounds of the house around you, confined to the space inside your own head where all the worst things you have to bring to the world live, all the regrets and anxieties and every last bitter little thought you have about all the things you wish were different. It gets to the point you think you would give just about anything for some peace. To just lay it all down for a while.

So it's four in the morning, and I've already watched "Good Will Hunting" on Netflix and was shocked to realise Lester from "Chuck" is in it. I watched a bunch of old "Garfield and Friends" cartoons, too, and was shocked to realise how much I still enjoy that stupid show. So now I'm writing.

Until such time as the main post of the day goes up, let me ask you this: the latest scuttlebutt around town has the Cardinals in pursuit of Jake Peavy. Good idea? Bad idea? There are rumours flying as well that the Redbirds might be willing to part with Matt Adams in order to acquire the help they're looking for down the stretch. Good idea? Bad idea? Adams as part of a Peavy deal. Good? Bad? Peavy for something else. Adams for something else. I need answers, damnit! Or at least opinions!

Matt Adams looks like he just might end up the odd man out when it's all said and done, not because he isn't one hell of a hitter, and not because the Cardinals wouldn't like to keep him around, but because in the end, there just isn't a whole lot of space on this team to fit in a guy who may very well have the value Adams has going somewhere else. Maybe Craig moves to right next season and Beltran signs elsewhere. Maybe Oscar Taveras really is a center fielder, and suddenly the Cardinals have a spot for Adams to play every day. Sure would be exciting. Or, maybe not. Maybe the Cards like having Carlos around, or Oscar is a right fielder, or lots of other stuff. I can't say I would hate it if Carlos Beltran got a one year plus an option contract offer after the season -- at least if his 2013 second half doesn't look like his 2012 second half.

So what about Matt Adams? Are you keeping him? Dealing him? His value likely won't be much higher than it is right now, considering how much cheap time is still on his clock; the only way he could be more valuable is, somewhat ironically, if he was starting at first for the Cardinals full time, which would of course make him much less dealable from our own point of view. Is Jake Peavy the kind of player you want in return for Batt Adams? Or is that selling little on the big man?

Myself, I have no problem moving Adams. I like him, a lot. But I don't think he has a spot here long term. But I don't think I'm moving him for an aging, expensive veteran of any sort, much less one of the pitching stripe. If I'm moving Matt Adams, I want Jurickson Profar in return, or at least the platonic ideal Profar represents; I want to set the team up at a position of need for the next however many seasons if I'm moving the kid. about you?