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7/23 Temporary Secretary Morning Thread

It's July 23rd, and we're the only team playing .600+ ball. It's difficult to analyze what that means, but perhaps a juxtaposition of classic pop lyrics is called for here.

Dilip Vishwanat

"Come on and celebrate, good times, tonight (Celebrate good times, come on!)

'Cause everything's gonna be all right
Let's celebrate (Celebrate good times, come on)
(Let's celebrate)..."
-Ronald Bell

"What I Need's A Temporary, Temporary Secretary

Temporary Secretary I Need A /
Temporary Secretary, Temporary Secretary,
Temporary Secretary I Need A
Temporary Secretary. Temporary Secretary,
Temporary Secretary."

-Sir Paul McCartney

Other points of discussion: Ryan Braun, Alfonso Soriano, Alfonso Soriano's ride, The Wire: Season 3, What ever happened to Dugout Abbey?, Tiering Melons