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STL @ CIN, June 9, 2013, or it's hard to strike a rubber match

Lance Lynn takes on Bronson Arroyo in the final game of a three-game series tied 1-1.

Lance Lynn

ERA 2.76

FIP 2.76

xFIP 3.62

SIERA 3.53

GB 40.4%

Bronson Arroyo

ERA 3.38

FIP 3.95

xFIP 4.19

SIERA 4.38

GB 42.0%

Lance Lynn has great numbers, albeit inflated by giving up only 3 homers so far, which is pretty extraordinary for someone with a below average groundball rate. While it's bound to regress, let's hope the regression doesn't all happen today at GABP. Also, you could probably fit two 5'11", 160 pound 2013 draftees in one Lance.

Bronson Arroyo continues to mystify me. I think - and most projection systems think - he should be scraping by with replacement value performance. He had a great 2012, and seems to be continuing that trend again in early 2013. I don't know what to make of that.