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A Mid-Afternoon's Chat, Post-Draft Edition

June in Cardinal Nation, winning in Cardinal Nation, jam yesterday and jam tomorrow, but never jam today. That sort of thing.


It's fun to have a good baseball team to follow, isn't it?

That's exactly what we have here, of course; this is a very, very good Cardinal team.. The rotation is a ridiculous mishmash of rookies, with more joining the fold every day it seems, and yet there's no other team in baseball with a better group. The offense continues to beat up on, well, pretty much everyone. Virtually everything John Mozeliak touches these days turns to gold, like some stylishly scarf-clad King Midas, only without the hidden horrors of fable. (So far, at least.)

The draft has come and gone, and the Redbirds' haul should be hitting the majors any day now; Marco Gonzalez was clearly drafted as a hedge against Lance Lynn's impending bout of bubonic plague. So we have that to look forward to. I'm pretty excited, honestly.

I was thinking of running a shadow draft today, and I still would like to. But then I remembered I actually did that last year, and I would prefer to be able to take a look back at that previous class at the same time I do this year, which would necessitate research into the players I selected, and I just hadn't prepared all of that as of yet. Ergo, next week I'll be shadow draftin' like Andy Gibb; for now let's just hang out and chat, okay?

I will be here, at or near my computer, for the next hour and a half or so. You know the drill by now, I'm sure. You ask me things, and I make up the most believable-sounding bullshit I can come up with on the spot. Whatever topic you like, really. Talk to me.