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Let's talk about the St. Louis Cardinals' bullpen moves, whatever they are

The St. Louis Cardinals are going to do something else with their bullpen.

Mike McGinnis

A month into my new job I'm still swamped, but I'm hoping the 80 hour weeks subside soon. In the meantime, let's talk about the St. Louis Cardinals' continued adventures in bullpen-shuffling!

As we go to open-thread press, the Cardinals are about to make A Move in the bullpen. Since they have one pitcher in the majors who looks totally lost and another in the minors who is left-handed, striking out a batter an inning, and unscored-upon in 30 innings it seems obvious what that move will be, but in a world where Jermaine Curtis and Seth Maness were both on the 25-man roster in April I feel compelled to hedge my bets.

A move like that one is probably necessary, and it'll be beneficial for both parties concerned; neither Mitchell Boggs nor the Cardinals have anything to gain from working through his issues in Major League Baseball games. But John Gast (or Carlos Martinez, even) is not going to save this bullpen; as scary as reliever sample sizes are individually, we're really just left waiting for everyone to perform more predictably in aggregate.

(Alternate plan: Have the Cardinals considered demoting Boggs and calling up Maikel Cleto just to see if that fixes both of them?)