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Game 28, STL @ MIL, 5.2.2013

Jake Westbrook faces Wily Peralta.


Wily Peralta

ERA 5.02

FIP 4.60

xFIP 4.23

SIERA 4.52

K 11.9%

BB 9.5%

GB 59.4%

Jake Westbrook

ERA 0.98

FIP 3.64

xFIP 4.57

SIERA 4.85

K 12.1%

BB 12.1%

GB 63.1%

Two guys face off whose primary skills are inducing groundballs. Please, no Wigginton tonight, Mike.

Westbrook has a terrible record (1-3) notwithstanding an excellent ERA (0.98). Of course, he has an excellent ERA notwithstanding pretty poor peripherals (the most predictive, like xFIP and SIERA, hate him lots) and walking one guy for every guy he strikes out. interestingly, ZiPS projects him to be worth only one WAR for the rest of the season.

Despite their very different ERAs to open the season, Peralta and Westbrook project to have very similar results for the rest of the season.