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A Brief Pregame Chat

With a game starting so soon, there should be just enough time to hang out and chat. So, let's do.


You know, I have to say I'm rather tired of these day games. It's not that I dislike day baseball, necessarily; it simply puts me off my own game when it comes to posting. Oh, well. I suppose the Cardinals don't particularly care about that.

Since I haven't had a chance to half-bake this week's batch of scouting reports just yet (and also because it just feels like we haven't done this in quite a while), I thought we would have a brief chat thread before the game starts. We'll call it a celebration of Jaime's awesomeness last night, if you like, or come up with some other reason. Any reason you like, really.

As always, topics are mostly limited only by your own imagination, and by the time available. I'll be here until the start of the game, at which point we'll head into gamethreadery, and our chat will have to come to an end. Until then, though, let's talk, shall we?

The Baron's Playlist for the 1st of May, 2013

"The Endless Night" -- Nude Beach

"Look...The Sun is Rising" -- The Flaming Lips