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Interminable 16-inning game ends in loss

The Cardinals-Diamondbacks rubber match ended in the wee hours of the morning, with the Diamondbacks winning 10-9. Cardinal starter Lance Lynn and all 7 members of the bullpen pitched, and every position player except Tony Cruz appeared. The club set a new record for the longest fame played at Chase Field. Good thing today is an off-day.


The Cardinals' first series of the 2013 ended in a series loss for the good guys.

The Cardinals next play a weekend series in San Francisco before they return home for their home opener against the Reds.

While the performance of the starters was not overwhelming, it seems fine in light of the tough run environment in Arizona and in the context of a brand-new season. The best news was that Jaime Garcia pitched in an actual big league game, looked mostly okay, and his left arm showed no sign of falling off.

We also saw the first start from Matt Adams, relieving a slightly hobbled Carlos Beltran. Adams looked more or less fine, although his lack of speed was on display when he was unable to score from first on a double.

Allen Craig shifted to right field so that Adams could play first. He promptly scraped the heck out of his previously injured knee chasing a ball into foul territory. After a bit of a scare, he went out and played the rest of the game without much sign of injury.

Now we have a chance to see Westbrook and Shelby Miller take their starts against the Giants.

Who are you most excited to see in real major league innings?