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pete kozma hits home run; statisticians, theologians agree "universe just messing with us now"

here is your pleasant wednesday morning post.


pete kozma continues his run as the most surprising player to perform improbably well in 100 or so PAs since the last guy who did so. kozma's homer joined matt holliday's and jon jay's dinger contributions in leading the cardinals to victory over the diamondbacks, 6-1.

the cardinals are 1-1 on the season.

although jaime garcia left the game after five and two-thirds after allowing a single run on a homer to miguel montero, he allowed FOUR walks to four strikeouts. he walked three consecutive batters in the sixth inning before he was removed for mujica. cardinals hitters and heath bell came through with 6 runs in support of him.

yesterday, adam wainwright struck out 6 guys, walked none, but gave up 11 hits. he was stuck with three earned runs and four runs overall. and he got bupkus in the way of run support.

sometimes you eat the barr, and sometimes he eats you.