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Game 15 - STL @ PHL - 4.18.13

Adam Wainwright faces off against Cole Hamels.


Gah. I wrote you all a lengthy game thread intro. Then SBN decided to log me out of my unsaved game thread draft. Long story short: Adam Wainwright and Cole Hamels are both really good, but Adam manages not to let other teams hit home runs as much, which is a little bit park factor and a lot keeping the ball on the ground. The Phillies were once good, but now the position players are Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, and a bunch of ugh. Laynce Nix is going to be replayceyment vaylue for the Phillies, and Michael Young and Ryan Howard are getting paid way too much to not be very good. The Phillies' rotation is pretty good, but also getting old, with one time arguable best pitcher in baseball Roy Halladay looking like he's lost his old dominance.

Last time out, Adam tried to be worth his whole $97.5M extension in one game. He failed, but came surprisingly close.