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An Awesome Bit of Celebration Postgame Thread

Mid-afternoon, and the day's baseball was already a success. Excelsior!


Jake Westbrook was pretty awesome today. Maybe not hundred billion hot dog awesome, but pretty awesome all the same. The Cardinal offense was even better; they probably were hundred billion hot dog awesome, with four home runs and a double-digit margin of victory. Not a bad day, all things considered.

The two Matts, Carpenter and Adams (I think the Cards may be slowly turning into VEB, what with the predominance of Matts), were both awesome. In fact, Matt Carpenter is just awesome pretty much in general.. The tilt today wasn't quite poetic-ode material, in terms of drama, anyhow, but Matt Carpenter really deserves some sort of tribute all the same. I'm thinking of composing an aria or something for him. I don't suppose anyone here knows how to write operas, do they?

After nine games of the 2013 season, the Redbirds have scored 56 runs, averaging just over 6 per game. Today's offensive explosion -- hitsplosion? runsplosion? scoresplosion? hmm, not sure any of those are great -- also pushes the team above Cincinnati in the offensive standings. The Reds have scored 52 runs, though they were seriously out-OPSing El Birdos coming into today's game, .775 to .659. I fully expect both of these teams are going to score a shocking number of runs this year, and I have a feeling the race for the NL Central is going to be a dogfight as well.

We're finally above .500! We should really have some sort of celebration for that, don't you think? Let's enjoy it.