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Sort of a game thread for a late February afternoon. Smile.

Leon Halip

I have the first installment of this year's draft previews in the can, only a month later than I was planning on getting them started. Sigh. I was all ready to post it, too, until I remembered that, wonder of wonders, there is an actual, real life baseball game on television today. I'll talk about the draftees of the future next week (though, at this point, I'm probably going to have to publish nothing but draft posts from now until June in order to get a respectable number of players covered); today is all about the now.

I hope all of you out there can either watch the game as it happens, or were able to set the DVRs ahead of time; if not, maybe you have one of those fancy systems where you can set your DVR from a remote location? Somebody has to be streaming MLB Network, right? (Though officially SB Nation and the management of this blog do not condone any sort of illegal online streaming activities.)

With that in mind, go and find yourself some way to watch this baseball game which will be starting up in about an hour, and keep your computer tuned to this semi-official semi-game thread.

It's going to be a good day, everyone.