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cardinal valentines

down in jupiter, some cardboard shoebox "mailboxes" covered in red construction paper and cut-out pink hearts are being filled with pertinent missives of love, friendship, bromance, and other emotions of the day.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

querido carlos b. -

you are by far the sexiest man i have ever met. sometimes i catch a glimpse of you in the locker room, and i think to myself, 'you are so fine.' keep up those good looks. i dream of you nightly.

- love, carlos b.


dear j. m. -

i hope you are doing well. i miss u guys so much. u guys are the best.

sometimes you never know what you have until it's gone. i was thinking that maybe you and i could talk some time. i know c.c. is out of the picture now.

can u take me back?




dear matt h. -

i have always been too shy to tell you how i feel about you. you make me feel so special when I am around you.

jon j.


dear wilson -

i love to hear you whisper to me. at night, i hold you close, and all my problems melt away. when i am on the field, i tell you how i am feeling and you always listen. i feel like i can say anything to you.

i am so lucky to have you.

jason m.


shelby m. -

i hate u.



dear ham -

i love u.

shelby m.


dear ham -

i miss you.

- lance


k.l. --

i know how you feel. i wish i could say i felt the same way, but i don't see how this can ever work out.

you need to stop living in the past and move on.

- j.m.

p.s. stop blaming shelby. it's not his fault that things can't be the way things used to be. please stop writing to him.


dear ham -

you complete me.

matt a.


j. m. -

i saw online that shelby changed his Facebook status to "in a rotation." i can't believe you. how could you do this to me? you moved on pretty fast!

i'm glad i'm done with you. i wouldn't come back, even if you offered me four years and $60M!



jon j. -

i like you as a friend. i am glad we share an outfield.

matt h.


k.l. -

stalker much? stop following my friends on-line. you are obsessed!



matt h. -

i mean something more than friends. i think i am falling in love with you. please don't turn me away. if you don't love me, have no reason to live.

jon j.


pete -

you may think i am gone but i am watching you.

- spilly


ella mae -

i remember kissing you goodbye on the docks in san diego in '42. you were in the WAVES. i was a marine shipping out five thousand miles to fight the japanese on dirty scraps of sand, rock, and coral. you were the prettiest thing i'd ever seen. i thought about you every night in my noisy bunk room or sprawled on the beach listening to mortars land around us. 70 years later, i still think of you every night.

-- d.d.


jon j. -

i never knew you felt this way. i don't think i will ever feel the way you feel about me.

- matt h.


j. m. -

you need to return my Adele CDs. i am so over you.



matt h. -

i totally got you!

r. "jon j." tuiasosopo