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The Post-Beltran 2014 St. Louis Cardinals Roster Matrix

With Carlo Beltran moving on via free agency, one Cardinals offseason question has been answered. Others remain.

Jeff Zelevansky

Carlos Beltran rejected the St. Louis Cardinals' one-year, $14.1 million qualifying offer. The veteran outfielder appears certain to sign a multi-year contract to play somewhere other than St. Louis in 2014 and beyond. This development answered one question regarding the 2014 roster.

Even after Beltran's departure, there is still quite a bit of cloudiness remaining the 2014 roster. Will the Cardinals sign a free agent shortstop or will they trade for one? How many players from the current MLB roster would be shipped out in such a trade? Will the Cardinals sign any non-shortstop free agents?






C - Y. Molina


IF - D. Descalso*


RHP - A. Wainwright


RHP - J. Motte


1B - M. Adams


C - T. Cruz


LHP - J. Garcia


RHP - J. Axford*


2B - M. Carpenter


OF - S. Robinson


RHP - L. Lynn


LHP - R. Choate


3B - D. Freese*


IF - K. Wong


RHP - J. Kelly


RHP - F. Salas*


SS - ????


SS - P. Kozma


RHP - S. Miller


RHP - T. Rosenthal


LF - M. Holliday


OF - O. Taveras**


RHP - M. Wacha


LHP - K. Siegrist


CF - J. Jay*


IF - R. Jackson


LHP - T. Lyons


RHP - S. Maness


RF - A. Craig


WIG - T. Wigginton***


LHP - J. Gast


RHP - C. Martinez


*As with the initial roster matrix, the players who arbitration eligible are in yellow with MLB Trade Rumors' projections for their 2014 salaries.

**Not on the 40-many roster.

***Cut in 2013. Dead salary in 2014.