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Fink's Pre-Season Predictions Contest Results Show!

With an off-day looming as our NLDS affair with the Pirates moves to Pittsburgh, it's as good a night as any to look back at some of the things we thought were going to happen in 2013. It'll be interesting to see where we were too optimistic, too pessimistic, and where we simply had no clue (Mitchell Boggs for closer, everyone!).

The original contest can be found here. I have listed the questions below and marked the correct answers with some brief commentary. I will be updating results in the comments section as I get time in the next few hours.
The winner gets to choose between an autographed rookie Willie McGee card and a set of 2004 Topps Cardinals cards. Second place gets whatever's left. Whoever does worst gets a mystery "prize."

Good luck!
UPDATE Winner: Mcgeesabeast 2nd: Stumpy657 Both with six.
Winner of Losing: Santiagofish with the worst tiebreak among the three 0's.

Pete 'n Matts
Pete 'n Matts
Jeff Curry

1. The St Louis Cardinals will finish the 2013 season with this many wins:

A) <71

B) 72-81

C) 81-87

D) 88-93

E) 94-99 97 wins was a great success this year. It's the most since 2005, and we have only won more 9 times in our history.

F) 100 or more


2Who will win the NL Central in 2013?

A) The St Louis Cardinals Regardless of our playoff results, it's good to win the division. Champagne!

B) The Cincinnati Reds

C) The Milwaukee Brewers

D) The Pittsburgh Pirates


3. Yadier Molina's wOBA at the end of the 2013 season will be

A) <.320

B) .321-.340

C) .341-.355

D) .356-.370 Our platinum-glove winning catcher's wOBA FELL to .362 this year from last year's .375.      The horror.

E) .371+


4. Who will hit the most home-runs in 2013?

A) Matt Holliday

B) Allen Craig

C) Yadier Molina

D) Carlos Beltran It's not shocking that Beltran lead our team in taters this year, but it's a bit surprising he did so with just 24. Holliday had 22, and Adams was next with 17. What a strange way to be offensively excellent, which we were. Our team BA with RISP is totally sustainable for next year, right? Right?

E) David Freese


5. What will Pete Kozma's 2013 OPS be?

A) <.600 welp! And it wasn't even close... .548 o_o

B). 601-.625

C) .626-.650

D) .651-.684

E) .685-.724 2012 league average SS- league average hitter

F) >.725, better than 2012’s average hitter.


6. Who will have the lowest ERA in 2013, while throwing at least 120 innings?

A) Adam Wainwright Waino won it narrowly over Shelbs (2.94 to 3.06), but he wasn't the team leader in ERA with at least 120 innings thrown. That would be Sunday's starter, Joe Kelly, with a cool 2.69. He doesn't believe in FIP, by the way.

B) Jaime Garcia

C) Lance Lynn

D) Jake Westbrook

E) Shelby Miller

F) Kyle Lohse (yes, you read right)


7. Joe Kelly will make this many major league starts in 2013

A) 0

B) 1-3



E)10+ See above, and bless every one of his 15 starts. He won 10 of them and put up a sparkly ERA in the process.


8. Who will lead the Cardinals in saves in 2013?

A) Jason Motte

B) Mitchell Boggs

C) Trevor Rosenthal

D) Someone else. Here at the end of the season, Magical Trev is our closer, and he's been dominant in the pen, which isn't surprising, but I don't think anyone here could have predicted Edward Mujica and his video game splitter would put 37 saves in the books for the birds on the bat.


9. Rank the following in 2013 fWAR from least to most:

Allen Craig, David Freese, Matt Holliday, Yadier Molina

Freese, Craig, Holliday, Yadi

David Freese (0.3) belonged in question 10, unfortunately.<br>Allen Craig (2.6) was hurt by defense and baserunning this year.<br>Matt Holliday (4.5) tore the cover off the ball over the last several weeks of the season and ended up in range of his last two years.<br>Yadier Molina (5.6) did what he did last year, only slightly less so. We'll take it.


10. Rank the following in 2013 fWAR from least to most:

Matt Carpenter, Daniel Descalso, Pete Kozma, Jake Westbrook

Descalso, Westbrook, Kozma, Carpenter

Three disasters and an MVP candidate. Huh. <br>Daniel Descalso (-0.3) was somehow the least valuable player in this group. Poor defense and poor batting make for a poor season. His baserunning was slightly better than average, so there's that! <br>Jake Westrbrook (-0.2) got great results with a terrible process early on, but by the end of the year everything just looks terrible. Happy trails, Westy. We'll always have Game Six. <br>Pete Kozma (-0.1) put together one of the worse offensive lines we've seen for the Cardinals. There are many ways to sum it all up for him, but a .241 wOBA seems the most efficient. But it's worth noting he put together an excellent year defensively for us. Fangraphs has him not nearly as good as Brendan Ryan's 2010, but pretty close to his 2009. Thanks for that, Pete. And that brings us to <br>Matt Carpenter (7.0) He put up a nearly .400 OBP from the leadoff spot for us. He scored 126 times. He had 199 hits. He ran the bases well, and, somehow, he graded out as positive at defense at second base. What a remarkable year.

A special note should be made that Matt Adams was excellent for us, especially after Allen Craig went down with a foot. On a per PA basis, Adams was more valuable in terms of fWAR than all hitters on our team save Carpenter, Holliday, and Yadi.


Tie-Break: How many PA's will Oscar Taveras accrue in the big leagues in 2013?

0 See you next year, Oscar! And see you next year, prognosticators.