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Indians, Rays, Baseball.

This is a really weird picture.
This is a really weird picture.
J. Meric

The Junior Circuit matchup of the Native American Stereotypes and the Satanic Beams of Light is quite an intriguing one, not least because I cannot decide even a little bit which of these teams to pull for. I typically root for the Rays as my American League squadron, simply because I admire the way that organisation has built itself, and also because they have several players I really enjoy watching play the game.

However, I'm somewhat torn at the moment, because I also kind of feel most of those same ways about the Indians. I like the city of Cleveland (What's that smell? It's Cleveland!), I love that ballpark (even if it's still Jacobs Field in my mind, since I haven't been back since they changed the name), I like several of the Indians' players (as well as the fact nine out of ten baseball fans can't name more than, say, two of those players), and I wouldn't mind seeing ClemsonGirl have some playoff success to enjoy. Even though I normally have nothing but contempt for those who leave the warm bosom of Cardinal fandom.

I'll probably still root for the Rays. But, I might also change my mind partway through the game. I do that sometimes. Either way, even if I can't tell you for sure which team I'm rooting for, I can tell you I'm quite sincerely stoked to see a pitching matchup of two pretty incredible young arms. So that's cool.