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NLCS Game Five Overflow One

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

You know, I still have to say I find it very hard to understand why it is the Cardinals seem to be so disliked at the moment, but somehow the Dodgers are this really great story everyone wants to get behind. People do realise the Dodgers had the highest payroll in baseball this season, right? I mean, it seemed like everyone always hated the Yankees when they just went out and bought pretty much whatever players they wanted all those years; why is it that L.A. is immune from that same disdain? Is it because people see Skip Schumaker on the roster and automatically assume this club is the real-world equivalent of the Bad News Bears?

I don't recall where it was, but the other day I actually saw the Dodgers referred to as, "plucky upstarts". Yes, those famous 227 million dollar plucky upstarts; we've all heard that old chestnut before, haven't we?

I've said it before: I can understand, to some extent, the dislike of the Cardinals. This team is always good, appearing in its third straight NLCS, and it's easy to hate the popular kids, the ones at the top of the heap. Plus, hearing about the Best Fans in Baseball all the time is probably a little grating. But I still just can't wrap my head around the idea that somehow, someway, the Cardinals are the hated bullies in this series, and the club with the payroll roughly twice as high is the plucky, scrappy, beloved underdog in the fight.

I mean, seriously. What the hell?