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Cardinals vs. Dodgers Game 4: Lynn and Nolasco struggle, but St. Louis takes early lead

Lance Lynn continues to fuel the search for Shelby Miller while Matt Holliday gets onto the board.

Jeff Gross

The St. Louis Cardinals and the Los Angeles Dodgers ended their string of pitchers' duels decisively in Game 4 of the NLCS, with Lance Lynn struggling to find the plate and Ricky Nolasco finding too much of it in a three-run third. The Cardinals lost the time-of-possession battle, but through five-and-a-half they lead 3-2 on a home run from Matt Holliday and an RBI double from Matt Carpenter.

If you didn't see it live, you should probably watch Holliday's home run the next chance you get—it was a long one, not a traditional Terrifying Holliday Line Drive. Here's our Dodgers counterparts at True Blue LA:

Lynn batted for himself after a four-baserunner fourth, for some reason, and walked on six pitches, somehow. Because it's baseball, and these are the things that happen in the moments where you finally understand exactly how right you are about everything.