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Mad Em-Dashes is now on Viva El Birdos

One more piece of meta-news, as SB Nation St. Louis's baseball odds-and-ends column joins VEB.

The timing is odd, coming as it does right after the SB Nation United update, but fear not: This is probably the last bit of meta-news for a while. As of today, SB Nation St. Louis is no longer a separate entity—it'll become a homepage for content from here, Turf Show Times, and St. Louis Game Time, as well as St. Louis-related content from proper. That means Mad Em-Dashes, the odds-and-ends section I wrote for the regional while I was editing it, will now be hosted here. (You may have seen it before, sitting underneath the Future Redbirds hub in the river and occasionally showing up on VEB's front cover.)

What does this change? Well, nothing, really. The focus of VEB will remain one feature post a day (and gamethread as appropriate) that A) serves as the primary discussion hub and B) can be found in the largest spot on the front page and at the top of VEB Daily. If you're looking for everybody else, click the biggest photo you see and read on.

MED is just an adjunct—it's a chance to talk about things I haven't had a chance to fully digest, or things that aren't worth digesting at 700 words. It's also, to be totally honest, a chance to introduce the site to people who aren't familiar with it, in the hopes that they'll eventually find their way over to the daily threads with their sealegs already in place. I don't want to change the way things work here, which is why we operate so differently from the other blogs, but I do want to make it possible for people who don't already know the way things work to discover the site and get a little acclimated.