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The latest Viva El Birdos changes: A cleaner design, easier access to fanposts, and more

Good news! SB Nation United's latest update makes it easier to find and feature FanPosts. But you're still going to have to write them yourself.

One of the less-obvious features that came with our big, prolonged move to SB Nation United was that future moves wouldn't have to be nearly so big or prolonged; the new design is really flexible, and the code is modern enough that the developers can continually iterate it. (Or something; I know just enough HTML and CSS to realize what an amateur I am.)

There've been a few upgrades in that spirit already, but last night—in response to reader feedback and updates across the network—they launched the biggest one yet. You'll notice some obvious visual changes—the "river" section of the blog is easier to scan, for one thing, and everything feels a little more compact—but here are some of the other things I'm excited about:

1. FanPosts are easier to see, and easier to feature. FanPosts are further up the page than they used to be, and we're now able to feature the ones that haven't gotten the audience they deserve on the cover of the site, like any other post. (If you came here from Twitter or RSS, click back to the front page to see dee dee's annual, spectacular Cardinals almanac where it belongs.) FanShots have also moved up the page, which should make it easier to drop links, videos, images, etc. into the feed.

2. Site navigation's back at the top of the page. In addition to FanPosts and FanShots, this also gets you easy access to the various Viva El Birdos hubs. If you're looking for VEB Daily, which continues to function as a typical blog-format portal to daily feature posts, gamethreads, and any other pre-United VEB staple, or Future Redbirds, they're listed right under "sections," next to the all-seeing Birdo.

3. Easier access to community stuff. Your log-in info and My SB Nation menu are back in their own top-bar, while a box above the FanPosts contains links to create FanPosts and FanShots, read the community guidelines (which I will restore to their full lboros-penned glory) and follow us on Twitter (as subtweeted by Joe Strauss!)

There are also a few new low-profile cover options, which we'll be adding to the rotation. I really like the new look, and I hope you guys do, too. Now: Back to baseball news. January baseball news.