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How to Continue VEB-ing on VEB United

How the new Viva El Birdos will be like the old Viva El Birdos.

VEB Annual cover

I like the new Viva El Birdos, and I hope you do, too. (If you didn't notice it, they changed the fonts a little.) Here's why I like it: It allows us to write more without changing our habits. Since before I got here VEB's been run a little differently than most SB Nation blogs; generally we post a daily feature, and then a gamethread if we're in-season, and we talk about the day's news in there instead of moving from thread to thread.

I've tried very consciously to keep that flow as other blogs started posting more frequently, and I'll continue trying very consciously to do that here, because the community is my favorite thing about this site. So here's how VEB will be the same—

  1. There's going to be a daily feature article, like always. I'll write it on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, bgh on Mondays, the red baron on Wednesdays, tom on Thursdays, and azruavatar on Sundays. It'll be the most conspicuous article on the cover of the site, and I hope you'll go in there to talk about the day's news.
  2. During the season there'll be a gamethread. It will also be conspicuous. We'll link from the main article to it at gametime, and I will try to actually remember to post them (I'm medicated now! This is unrelated to the site redesign.)
  3. There are fanposts and fanshots, and recs and greening, and threaded comments and z-ing. Same stuff, new engine.
  4. There's also VEB Daily—look for it under the Sections tab—where you'll be able to follow the daily features in a bloggier archive.

Anyone who's been to a university-sponsored party knows that there's only so much The Authorities can do to foster community, so I'm counting on the community to keep what's important to it going—link everybody from thread to thread, get together and don't be afraid to go off topic.

Here's what's different:

  1. The fonts. There's also a massive layout change, which means we'll be able to keep the daily article front and center while still posting more often about news and maybe adding some daily or weekly features too. (If you have ideas about daily or weekly features, I'd love to hear them.)
  2. (This also means the mobile website gets a major upgrade—if you're viewing this on a computer, you can actually force the mobile layout by making the window increasingly narrow. Responsive Design, you guys.)
  3. That's really it. The new SB Nation United engine offers us the flexibility to do a bunch of different things, and I plan on trying most of them. But it also offers us the flexibility to keep doing the same thing while we do those other things, which is what excites me.