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game 112 - SFG @ STL : 8.9.12

madison bumgarner

ERA 3.03

FIP 3.43

xFIP 3.26

SIERA 3.24

K% 22.9%

BB% 5.0%

GB% 48.6%

adam wainwright

ERA 4.03

FIP 3.03

xFIP 3.00

SIERA 3.12

K% 22.6 %

BB% 5.7%

GB% 53.5%

for a long time, it seemed like the atlanta braves had some unfair reserve of incredibly talented pitchers springing forth from their system every year (wainwright being mere surplus of that system). the giants took over that role recently. i hope the cardinals can play that role in 2013 and beyond. bumgarner is a very talented young pitcher, and wainwright is a great match for him. this should be an exciting ballgame.