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game 130 - STL @ WAS, 8.30.12

jaime garcia

ERA 4.14

FIP 2.72

xFIP 3.44

SIERA 3.59

GB% 52.9%

K% 19.4%

BB% 6.2%


edwin jackson

ERA 3.72

FIP 3.98

xFIP 3.86

SIERA 3.86

GB% 45.6%

K% 20.8%

BB% 7.6%

garcia followed up his mostly overlooked excellent performance in the game which never ended on august 19 with a more tepid outcome on august 25th. the good news is that, even while he turned in a 4-run 6 inning start, his pitch velocity has stood up for two games in a row, peaking around 90 mph. earlier in the season, he was hovering in the area of 87 and 88 mph. keep an eye how often he hits 89 and 90 mph.

edwin jackson has continued to be quietly and mostly unremarkably good without being spectacular.