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game 98 - LAD @ STL: 7.26.12

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chris capuano (LHP)

ERA 2.81

FIP 3.56

xFIP 3.83

SIERA 3.75

K% 22.0%

BB% 7.3%

GB% 41.6%


jake westbrook

ERA 3.60

FIP 3.55

xFIP 3.66

SIERA 3.75

K% 15.2%

BB% 6.1%

GB% 57.4%

capuano is an interesting pitcher and a great pickup (after years of injury-hampered performance with Milwaukee and New York) for LA. he's seeing the lucky side of his (pretty good anyway) peripherals this season.

jake westbrook looks very solid this season. it's hard not to be pleased with the rebound from a pitcher who'd disappointed last year.