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game 70 - STL @ DET 6.21.12

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kyle lohse

ERA 2.98

FIP 3.54

xFIP 4.04

SIERA 3.08

K% 13.9%

BB% 3.9%

GB% 43.1%


jacob turner

ZiPS projection: ERA - 4.83

ZiPS K/9 - 5.23

ZiPS BB/9 - 3.08

AAA ERA - 3.43

AAA FIP - 3.65

AAA K% - 15.5%

AAA BB/9 - 10.9%


turner made his debut for the tigers last season, making three starts and struggling terribly, allowing 13 R, 12 ER, 3 HR, and 4 walks in twelve and two-thirds innings. his brief time at AAA this season has been kind of awful, although his 2011 in AAA was excellent. his K/BB in AAA this year is 1.42; last year, it was 6.67. i don't know nearly enough about the former Westminster Academy hurler to speculate as to why his peripherals have declined so horribly this season, but, even in 40-something innings, that's not a shift you'd like to see.

lohse looks at the top of his game this year, with his walk rate declining to 3.9% from an already stingy 5.4% last season. his ERA won't hold at the current level, but his performance should be good to very good overall. for those keeping track at home, kyle lohse has accumulated 5.4 fWAR, a third of the way through the fourth year of his contract, or about $23M worth. barring an astonishing finish to his season, he's not going to come close to the $40m+ we've paid him in value, but he could definitely push the total value up around $30m.