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A Very Concise St. Louis Cardinals Draft Update

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While the red baron continues the meditation necessary to achieve prospect clairvoyance, a morning-thread look at the St. Louis Cardinals' draft results to date, among the first-rounders and first-round-talents:

Michael Wacha: Wacha's signed (for $1.9 million) but not yet playing, though he should begin pitching soon. (In the Gulf Coast League, then up to high-A, according to Jenifer Langosch.)

James Ramsey: Ramsey's currently in the College World Series, where his FSU Seminoles are 2-1 in their bracket. He was 2-3 with a walk yesterday, as FSU eliminated UCLA. I watched his first at-bat—he's got a wide-open stance and he really does resemble a stereotypical Japanese import, stopping just short of getting a running start out of the box. In that first at-bat he worked the count full, sliced a ball foul down the right field line, and then slapped a ground ball between third and short for a single. I'm interested to see where they start him, once he signs.

Stephen Piscotty: Piscotty signed—also for slot—and will begin his career with Quad Cities in low-A. With Piscotty, Patrick Wisdom, and Carson Kelly all joining the system the Cardinals have a bit of a logjam at third base; Tyler Rahmatulla, who was hitting .322/.389/.546 in low-A after crushing rookie ball last year, got promoted to make room for Piscotty.

Patrick Wisdom: Wisdom is 0-6 with a walk for the short-season Batavia Muckdogs after signing below slot almost immediately after the draft.

Steve Bean: Bean, the Cardinals' lone high school first-rounder, signed for less than slot (which surprised me, at least) and is now starting at catcher for the rookie-level Johnson City Cardinals. This is his age-18 season; he won't turn 19 until September. He went 1-3 with a walk and an RBI.

Carson Kelly: Kelly, apparently the reason the Cardinals went so college-heavy in the first round, signed for a million over slot and is Johnson City's third baseman. He went 0-3 with a walk in his debut; this is his age-17 season, though he has a July birthday.

Max Foody: Apparently the rumors that the Cardinals had signed Foody, the second and best-named of their three big gambles with the draft's new slotting system, were only rumors.

Trey Williams: I haven't heard a word yet about the Cardinals' negotiations with Trey Williams, slotting gamble No. 3. My guess is that news on Foody and Williams will remain quiet until the Cardinals sign Ramsey, their last big chance to free up first-round money.