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STL v. NYM, game 53; 6.2.12

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lance lynn

2.54 ERA

3.04 FIP

3.43 xFIP

3.30 SIERA

48.5% GB

23.8% K

7.9% BB


r.a. dickey

3.06 ERA

3.63 FIP

3.28 xFIP

3.18 SIERA

47.1% GB

23.6% K

6.6% BB


dickey has snuck up on the baseball world a little bit. he's older for a starting pitcher at 37, but has recently become the most effective knuckleballer in the game. from 2001-2009, he had a 5.42 ERA, 5.19 FIP, and a 4.80 xFIP over 443 innings. from 2010 to the present, he has had a 3.08 ERA, 3.70 FIP, and a 3.78 xFIP. he first started using the knuckleball in 2005, and seems to have perfected it late in his career. only once before 2010 did he throw the knuckleball more than 70% of the time, but he's built a whole second career out of it, one much better than the first.

also, somehow he started striking a lot of guys out this year, going from a ~15% K rate over the last two years to his current 23.6% K rate.

jake westbrook should take home some videos of r.a. dickey this winter and do a lot of throwing in his backyard. just saying.