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Game 66: KCR @ STL - 6.16.12

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Bruce Chen

ERA 4.44

FIP 3.62

xFIP 4.33

SIERA 4.05

K% 16.9%

BB% 5.1%

GB% 33.6%

Joe Kelly

ERA 1.80

FIP 2.06

xFIP 4.08

SIERA 3.95

K% 17.4%

BB% 4.4%

GB% 27.8%

This game comes at an interesting moment, just after the Godfather of VEB proposed that the Cardinals should target any number of middling pitchers likely to be available in a trade as rotation depth, including opponent Bruce Chen.

I debated whether to post Kelly's single game stats versus his ZiPS projections. Obviously, the stats you see here are not particularly likely to continue. Kelly's poor groundball rate seems particularly unlikely to continue. He's posted a groundball rate around 60% most of his minor league career.