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Still More Words about the St. Louis Cardinals


Hey, you—potential St. Louis Cardinals content consumer! There's been some good stuff going on at SB Nation St. Louis and in our own FanPosts section, which can be read at this link in a kind of shadow-blog format with its own RSS feed. Here, with some commentary, are some links to that good stuff.

SB Nation St. Louis

The Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey saga has continued, with Alex Fritz's Game of Thrones-ian cast of characters expanding for an interview with the St. Louis Sign Guy and Yadier Molina's very discreet doctor.

In non-Lego news, I've been really happy to run more of Nathan Grimm's work on the site, since I don't get the chance to do a lot of longer work about the Cardinals there myself. Here's a feature about what Chris Carpenter's return will do to the Cardinals' rotation.

Also: The last time Carlos Beltran was as good as he's been this year was the last time he appeared to be healthy.

Viva El Birdos

I've always thought it a little strange how different the clientele sometimes is between the commenters on the main posts and the writers and commenters in the FanPost section, and here's a good example: I've yet to come into contact with noted Simpsons character and new VEB member tmcclure, who has zero comments to date, but he's already made three fun FanPosts since joining the site earlier this month.

Here's a look at the Cardinals' numerical dominance just before the current losing streak began; this week he took a look at whether Lance Lynn is presently on pace to be the best Cardinals pitcher ever.

Elsewhere, elidajuiceman, another new member, takes a long look at Tyler Greene and comes out of it hoping for Kolten Wong to get to St. Louis as soon as possible.