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Cards Win Big; Matt Carpenter Breaks Out Sans Walk

Lance Berkman, who?
Lance Berkman, who?

Perhaps this morning's article would have been more apt if it had been about Matt Carpenter. With a 5 RBI, 4 hit day, Carpenter powered the Cardinals offense to a high scoring afternoon 10-3 win over the Chicago Cubs.

Lauded for his impressive plate approach and high OBP in the minors, Matt Carpenter has hit like a radically different player flashing more power than expected. Today's affair included a home run to centerfield in the 5th inning and a triple to left center in the 7th inning.

The other story of the offense was Yadier Molina who jacked his 3rd home run of the season in a surprisingly fast start to the season.

Jake Westbrook was strong for the Cardinals going 7 innings and recording 13 of 15 outs on balls in play via his groundball.

The Cardinals scraped out a 6-0 lead after three innings and the Cubs failed to threaten the entire game. It was a solid win for the Cardinals who started the day without their regular first baseman, third baseman or centerfielder. They improve to 7-3 on the season.

St. Louis has Monday off and will take on the Reds at home on Tuesday. Game time is 7:15pm CDT. The St. Louis Blues play tomorrow night in San Jose with the series tied 1-1. Game time is 9pm CDT.