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Cardinals vs. Marlins 2: This time, with Shane Robinson

Maikel Cleto
like Kaelin, Kato
was caught in a hostile situation
sent at the wrong time to the wrong location.

From Derrick Goold's report (that'll open in a new window if you want the full lineup): We're going to see Jake Westbrook and Cleto, along with a set of relievers that could include new Cardinals Scott Linebrink (not especially exciting) and new reliever Adam Ottavino (potentially exciting.)

At bat, Matt Holliday will DH and David Freese will play third base and haunt the Rangers. Ryan Jackson at shortstop is probably the most interesting starter, especially if you have the chance to watch (on or, at some unspecified tape delay, MLB Network) his ostensibly life-altering infield play, but I continue to harbor the suspicion—probably borne of this year's political storylines—that the time is right for a completely unexpected and impractical Mark Hamilton surge. He'll be starting at first base today and, if my suspicions play out, hitting .450 on balls in play by the end of the month.