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the worst are full of passionate intensity

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let's see - it's 80 degrees and storming in st. louis, mcdonald's has shamrock shakes, and amaury cazana has a 3.000 OPS. it must be march, and st. patrick's day.

all told, we've had a pretty decent spring training thus far. carpenter's injury, while concerning, seems to be transitory. he threw a bullpen yesterday. furcal and berkman have had the usual hiccups. skip schumaker's strained oblique may be the most serious injury to date (although i still await more news on swagerty); although i wouldn't wish injury on skippy, i won't be too sad if he's the worst off on our roster in terms of injury. and allen craig, who has kind of gotten lost in the spring training shuffle, took some batting practice earlier. i believe matheny was threatening to have him DH in a couple spring games, with strict instructions against running hard. sounds like a risky idea to me, but overall craig seems to be on the right track. of course, wainwright has looked very sharp, and seems to be well on the road to recovery.

and things seem to be developing well in terms of progress from the players who need to make an impression. for all that we should heavily discount everything that happens in spring training, almost all of the players i'd like to see succeed have been doing so. daniel descalso looks excellent in this tiny sample size. matt carpenter and erik komatsu are both making it hard to ignore them. matt adams hit a triple! yadier molina, fresh off a giant contract signing, looks healthy, is hitting well, and is pushing for more time behind the plate.

tyler greene's 7 strikeouts in 27 PA's don't look so hot, but he's been getting good reviews at second defensively.

the cardinals seem to be in the middle of some bizarre deluge of pitchers who throw 95+ mph. speaking as someone who watched this club let ryan franklin close games until . . . uh . . . last year, what?

trevor rosenthal, much to volsncards' chagrin, is only the next cardinal to turn national heads, in his case by throwing at 100 mph during a spring training game. motte, martinez, sanchez, boggs, reifer, kelly, miller, cleto, lynn, and, deep down in the system, new reliever robert stock weren't enough for high-velocity types?

away from camp, george brett announces that he and mike schmidt and some unnamed other hall-of-famers will boycott* the HOF if a bunch of steroid users start getting in. in other news, mark mcgwire, roger clemens, and barry bonds all want to see the hall purge itself of those who were caught misusing pine tar.

*in st. patrick's day news, the word "boycott" has its origin in irish history. ireland was for a long time a land of absentee landlords and tenant farmers. captain boycott was the manager for an absentee landord, lord erne. after a bad harvest, erne's tenants demanded a rent reduction. erne, through captain boycott, refused, and evicted those who couldn't pay. other tenants instituted a planned social ostracism of the estate managed by boycott and any farmers who rented lands from which lord erne had evicted prior tenants. the concerted action was shockingly effective, and bears captain boycott's name still. the actual concept of avoiding certain products for reasons of morality or solidarity dates back earlier than this protest.

also, andy "four 't's" pettitte is attempting a comeback, as the yankees will attempt to run an eight-man rotation. i have stopped trying to figure out what they're doing there. i keep hoping that it results in a pitching glut that results in us getting phil hughes for a song.

for anybody looking for any boog-like baserunning (not done by boog), you should check out the following: