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Viva El Birdos Baseball Annual 2012: The Maple Street Press Cardinals Annual's Editorial Successor

For three years the Maple Street Press Cardinals Annual was a reliable sign of spring—a preseason magazine devoted entirely to St. Louis Cardinals baseball, in all its forms—and last year, as we began writing the new edition, it looked like this year would be no different. Then, in September, we learned our publisher had gone under—there'd be no Maple Street Press Cardinals 2012. With the content that was already in development, the series editor—former Viva El Birdos manager Larry Borowsky—decided to push forward on an ebook that would carry on the series's format and ideas. That's how the 2012 Viva El Birdos Baseball Annual, available now, was born.

Articles from Larry Borowsky, Dan Moore, Aaron Schafer, Kary Booher, and Tim McCullough look at everything from history—the Steve Carlton trade, 40 years later, the Cardinals' inability to develop shortstops since Garry Templeton—to life without Albert Pujols, with in-depth analysis about top prospects like Matt Adams and Tyrell Jenkins for good measure. Click here for a complete table of contents.

The Viva El Birdos Baseball Annual isn't illustrated like the Maple Street Press Cardinals books were—that's something we're looking at for next year—but it features all the analysis, history, interviews, and predictions the magazines were known for.

The 2012 Vive El Birdos Baseball Annual is available in ebook form for Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and even your computer, with a free browser plug-in—to order directly from us for $2.99, click the format you want to be transferred to a secure store, where your copy will instantly download.

The Maple Street Press books were edited with one thing in mind: To put the best Cardinals writing together, regardless of topic, and get it to as many people as possible. Our goal for the VEB Annual is the same, and if you loved the MSP series we hope you'll give it a shot.

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