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Thursday Notes: The left-handed backup outfielder bubble

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Hey girl, I'd love to retire those left-handers... for you.
Hey girl, I'd love to retire those left-handers... for you.

The Cardinals move inexorably toward The Real Spring Training, where instead of hearing about players who are considering playing different positions we hear about them actually playing different positions, or just not playing. Mark Hamilton in the outfield! Alex Cora all over the place! It's happening.

Bubble notes:

  • This is probably not the notice I'd want to get if I were a Rule 5 draft pick struggling to get by on a team that's seemed weirdly indifferent to me from the moment I was selected. "... We had some good reports on some things he did in the past, and we'll certainly take a look." "Well, we have your résumé, and, you know, we'll call you, if—." Erik Komatsu isn't a great fit for the 2012 Cardinals, but he's not competing with any great fits for the Cardinals. He's Adron Chambers, only if they go north with him they might end up with two Adron Chamberses.
  • The longest-odds position change of the Spring: Mark Hamilton going to the outfield, secure in his conviction that what the Cardinals need most is a left-handed hitting reserve outfielder.
  • The second base competition could be resolved early, but won't necessarily be. Right now this seems more like an inertial thing than a tense showdown—with Skip Schumaker apparently locked in as a very odd utility man, this comes down to how much playing time Tyler Greene will steal from Daniel Descalso out of the wide side of a platoon-by-default, or whether both of them will struggle enough that Skip Schumaker suddenly seems like a palatable option.
  • Though at that point I wonder where the Cardinals would find another left-handed back-up outfielder.