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Morning Thread: Roy Oswalt spurns mystery team

Hey! Kolten Wong!
Hey! Kolten Wong!

Roy Oswalt's decision to spurn the Cardinals, the Rangers, and even The Mystery Team all at once yesterday—team poet laureate Lance Berkman says the offers simply "[weren't] enough to lure him out of Mississippi"—confuses me, but I'm willing to guess it wouldn't confuse me quite so much if I were Roy Oswalt. From here, as a guy who came to sports through the backs of basketball cards and baseball through Baseball Prospectus's phonebook of stats and projections, he's doing significant damage to his now-borderline Hall of Fame case.

A nice bounceback year in front of a good offense—after three seasons in which he's gone 30-29—could have put him right back on track; he's 159-93, after all, and 33 isn't especially old for a guy who's still putting up solid seasons. Going 15-7, say, in the Cardinals' rotation gets him to 174-100.

Apparently, though, some pitchers didn't get into throwing the ball 90 miles an hour by way of reading Bill James's The Politics of Glory.

Well, more power to Roy Oswalt—and more power, I guess, to Jake Westbrook, whose ZiPS projection remains pretty bad but not as bad relative to Kyle Lohse's as you'd think if you were forced to go strictly by how eager I am to see each of them make 25 starts in 2012. If it's any consolation, this presumably leaves us one pitcher closer to seeing Shelby Miller in the major leagues this year.