Viva el Runners 2013

In case anyone missed it last year, we had a team put together for the 2012 Cardinals Care Stan Musial 6k run. Oh, and we kicked it's ass, becoming the top fundraising team and raising $6,400.70. We also had the two top individual fundraisers, though they weren't eligible for individual honors.

This year I'm going to start organizing a littler earlier. I'm going to first find out who wants to run. Last year runners get first dibs on spots. Currently I'm going to assume this year teams will be limited to 8 members, but that can change since they haven't announced anything. (like, even if there is going to be a run.) If there are plenty more people who want to run by the time they announce the event. We can go with two teams instead of one. (Say, two teams of 6 if there are 12 people.) Fink has also mentioned that he would be willing to go at it alone if say 9 people.

But, lets start with seeing who is interested. I'm going to start with all of last years runners. If you are not interested, in running again, please just let me know and I'll remove your name from the list.

2012 Viva El Birdo's kick ass team:

1.) Evilfrog - confirmed
2.) afink - confirmed
3.) Hazel
4.) Scoot - confirmed
5.) SecondHalfMatt - confirmed
6.) pattimagee - confirmed
7.) azruavatar - confirmed
8.) Buddhassillegitmatechild38

2013 interested fund raisers:

1.) tomsteele

2.) mtzxc

Besides just getting the team together, I want to start talking about tshirts again. I'll be willing to purchase shirts like last year for all of the runners (even if we have two full teams.) And also some for donators.

And I'd also like to start talking about fundraising ideas.

For my personal donators outside of the website, I'm going to be offering hand made pens to those who donate $30.00 or more. And some really nice ones for those who donate $100.00 or more. I'd be willing to give a few out to teammates to do the same.