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'Twas the Day After Christmas

Fuck those guys. Still.
Fuck those guys. Still.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

And all through the house, several creatures were stirring, two cats and one mouse. You'd think the two cats would preclude the presence of the mouse, but my cats are much too fat and lazy to be bothered by anything so labour-intensive as hunting mice.

(For the record, my house doesn't really have mice.)

So did everyone have a nice Christmas? I certainly hope the holiday was kind to you. Santa didn't hold out on you, did he? That guy can be kind of a dick sometimes. Mine But a pleasant sort of eh all the same. There was ham, and it was pretty good. There was also alcohol, and it was pretty good too. Though, sadly, there was nowhere near enough of it to make me forget everything but Christmas cheer, as it were.

I don't have anything special today for you, other than my own warm wishes for a holiday which has now come and gone. We aren't ramping up the 2013 preseason coverage just yet here at VEB, largely because there just hasn't been much of it to actually cover as of yet. I suppose, "My favourite baseball team is too stable and likely solid to need a whole bunch of ill-advised offseason retoolings," is about as first world as problems get, but there are times when you can't help but think to yourself how it would be kind of fun to see a big splashy shakeup.

Next week I'll probably publish my top prospects list, or perhaps wait until the week after. On the 16th of January I'm hoping to publish my first 2013 draft preview of the year, which would be, I think, the earliest I've ever gotten started on the series. (And probably a good idea, too; I always seem to think I'm starting early enough, but still manage to have the draft rush up on me while I'm still trying to get a few more players covered.) That's going to be my New Year's resolution this year, in fact; starting earlier and doing more on my draft previews. Hey, maybe that sounds like a small resolution -- and it totally is -- but I'm thinking maybe it's small enough I'll actually stick with it.

Okay, two resolutions: one, early and more draft posts, and two, getting into Top Gun volleyball scene shape this year. I should probably stop with the first one; no way I'm going to manage the second. Oh, well.

Have a happy New Year, everybody. Be safe. I've enjoyed spending 2012 with you. I hope Wednesdays have been okay for you.

Take care.