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Christmas for the Cardinals

One wish for the team we love, and one big fat magic man in red to grant it.

You know, I'm just not feeling anything resembling Christmas spirit at the moment, not even the wistful, wanting regret version I usually force you all to read about this time of year. Part of it is the timing, I suppose; the holiday falling on a Tuesday this year, as far from my posting day as possible, has put me in a bit of an awkward spot, but that's not really it. Part of it, sure, but not all. There are...reasons for my lack of holiday spirit this year. Lots of them, in fact. It doesn't really matter. It is, as Ryan Theriot would no doubt tell us, what it is.

At the same time, I really have nothing at all interesting to say about Ty Wiggington (I'm not, in fact, certain there's really much interesting to be said about him period, though that's not to say some haven't put at least an intelligent perspective out there about him.) And, unfortunately, there really isn't much else going on at the moment in baseball land. I don't have the time to write up my entire prospect list I've been promising, and do still intend on getting to at some point. Speaking of, actually, the Future Redbirds crew is rolling out their iteration of a list as we speak; theirs will be infinitely more well-researched and just plain smarter than whatever bit of half-baked claptrap I'm capable of. You should check out their work as they post the various installments.

So why am I telling you this, you ask? Why not just write up the post I've mostly already written in my head and pretend I'm feeling it? Well, because I think of you all as friends, of a sort, anyway, and I don't believe in lying to one's friends. I have the idea, yes, and I would love to deliver to you and make it delicate and pretty and oh so very sad, but it wouldn't be true. I can't quite bring myself to do that. Oh, well.

Instead, I'm going to play Santa Claus to you Birdo fanatics this morning. I'm going to give you one Christmas wish for this team, and bring it in a big Cardinal red sack. You only get one, though, and this particular Santa is a real stickler for rules, so no multi-part wishes disguised as one, okay? One move, one player, one whatever for this team. You want a shortstop? Fine. That's probably what I would wish for. Health for Jaime? That's a good one too. A cheap (ish) Adam Wainwright extension? Sure, why the hell not?

So tell me, El Vivi Birders, what one thing do you want for this team? What one thing do you think is the most important issue on the table right now? Sit down on Santa's knee, try to ignore the wafting scent of whiskey and depression, and tell him what you think the Cards need the most.

And Happy Christmas, everybody, if I don't speak to you before the holiday. I hope you all have a really, really good one. Take care of yourselves.