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St. Louis Cardinals weekend update: I Hope You Like Ty Wigginton Edition

A look at what happened around Viva El Birdos and SB Nation St. Louis while you weren't working. Most of it was about Ty Wigginton.

Ty Wigginton: Does he even know which way he's supposed to hold this bat?
Ty Wigginton: Does he even know which way he's supposed to hold this bat?
Greg Fiume

I was not expecting, this weekend, to write a few thousand words about Ty Wigginton, but in my defense I wasn't expecting a Major League Baseball team to sign Ty Wigginton to a major league contract, either. In case you weren't huddled around a computer all weekend, checking for updates on the St. Louis Cardinals' least-exciting move of the offseason (congratulations, Rob Johnson signing), here's a look at what happened around Viva El Birdos, Future Redbirds, and SB Nation St. Louis over the weekend.

Where will the next great (or pretty good) St. Louis Cardinals infielders play in 2013?
On Friday, I made an attempt to figure out the Cardinals' minor league depth in the wake of their trade for Jake Lemmerman. Inside baseball note: This one managed to post several hours late, thanks to an SB Nation bug, on the day the Cardinals signed Ty Wigginton and rendered part of it irrelevant.

St. Louis Cardinals' Ty Wigginton signing leaves the infield even more confusing
So I regrouped for Saturday and attempted to figure out just what the Cardinals planned on doing with a guy who can't play defense and doesn't hit anymore.

Adam Wainwright, Lame Duck Contract, Possible Trade Candidate?
On Sunday azruavatar, who must have missed my site-wide memo about becoming America's premier destination for Ty Wigginton news and rumors, wrote about the much more interesting possibility of the Cardinals trading Adam Wainwright.

Future Redbirds: Cardinals Sign Dominican Pitcher Alexander Reyes
Meanwhile: The Cardinals made an interesting international signing, which is interesting in part because the player, Alex Reyes, is only nominally international. Here's Future Redbirds with the news.

My employers will be happy to learn that SB Nation St. Louis shared in the Ty Wigginton coverage bonanza:

Troy Glaus attempts a comeback, would probably fit St. Louis Cardinals better than Ty Wigginton
Troy Glaus is a year older than Ty Wigginton, but he also had a medical excuse for not being able to play third base anymore. He's apparently attempting to mount a comeback, but for whatever reason nobody wants to give him $5 million over two years.

Why is it weird that the St. Louis Cardinals signed Ty Wigginton? An FAQ
Finally, I finished off a weekend in which I wrote more words about Ty Wigginton than I ever hoped to by summarizing, in FAQ form, all the reasons why signing Ty Wigginton makes so little sense.

Which brings us up to Monday. I plan on writing up the week's FanPosts in this space, as well, but there weren't any extended takes last week. (Though this Wigginton update featured some very accurate meme usage.) If you've got a few hundred words' worth to say about the Cardinals, check out the FanPost section and get writing.