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Ryan Vogelsong stifles Cardinals' offense, defense, pitching through seven innings

Ryan Vogelsong used to not be a very good pitcher. Now he is a very good pitcher.

Ezra Shaw

Meditate on Ryan Vogelsong's 2004 line and consider the idea that baseball is a game that's too strange to ever completely understand on a quantum level. On May 27, 2004, Ryan Vogelsong went 0-4 with 21 runs allowed in 17 innings against the Cardinals. He gave up hits to Tony Womack, Undead Ray Lankford, John Mabry.

In the meantime everyone who stopped playing MVP Baseball 2005 eventually forgot about him, except people in Japan, and then he looked like a fluke for a while, and now he's an excellent pitcher who has the Cardinals down 5-1 late in Game 6.

After you're finished meditating on Ryan Vogelsong's 2004 line, a monument to brilliant leadoff hitter Tony Womack, enjoy this fresh thread. If you feel an urgent desire to talk about how the Cardinals don't want it badly enough, or are guaranteed to lose Game 7, or something something Matt Holliday, please yell it through an open window instead. Everyone sees the score.