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2012 NLCS Game 3 - post-rain delay game thread, redux

the rain is lifting and the last two or so innings of game 3 of the giants-cardinals NLCS remains to be played.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports - Presswire

this is just a quick blurb to put us back in business with a fresh thread for the probable resumption of baseballing betwixt the giants and the cardinals.

the cards are up 3-1 on the giants, with the difference being a 2-run home run from matt carpenter in his first at-bat following carlos beltran's removal from the game with an as-yet-undetermined knee injury. tweets indicate carlos is day to day.

as a brief discussion topic as they clear the field of tarps, consider that both jake westbrook and lance berkman have made noises about being available at some point in the postseason. would you like to see either of them? barring injury, i personally don't see that taking a chance with westbrook coming off rehab right into the postseason seems like a good idea. berkman is somewhat more interesting, as we really have a pretty unimpressive bench right now, and any world series action would require a DH. matt carpenter could serve admirably as a DH (or more likely, he could play the field and one of our hobbled vets could DH), but that would really leave us short on pinch hitters.

tell us what you think as the game restarts.