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Cardinals vs. Nationals final score: Daniel Descalso and Pete Kozma? Daniel Descalso and Pete Kozma

Daniel Descalso and Pete Kozma.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

The St. Louis Cardinals just rode Daniel Descalso and Pete Kozma into the NLCS, which is why there are baseball fans who hate the St. Louis Cardinals. With a six run deficit and a 21-game-winner on the other side; with a bunch of relievers with AA and AAA and even Miami Marlins innings; with two outs, with two strikes, with the Pacific Coast League's third-worst hitter at the plate, the Cardinals we expected this from watched from the dugout and on the bases as Pete Kozma hit a line drive in front of Jayson Werth to score the Cardinals' eighth and ninth runs since the Nationals had jumped out to an insurmountable-looking lead.

The Cardinals did so much in that game that we'd be complaining about all tomorrow morning if they'd lost. They missed more opportunities than most teams get in the average postseason game, and they stuck behind Adam Wainwright longer than Twitter wanted. Now it doesn't matter.

That's the National League Division Series. There are two more like it afterward. But the Cardinals beat the Nationals on Friday, in a series that looked lost, and tonight and tomorrow I think it's probably best to just be giddy about that. Daniel Descalso and Pete Kozma will be back on Sunday.