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St. Louis Cardinals, Washington Nationals locked up in low-scoring Game 4

The Cardinals fail to back a great outing from Kyle Lohse, and then start striking out over and over.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

The St. Louis Cardinals got seven innings of one-run baseball from Kyle Lohse—three-baserunner baseball—and they aren't beating the Washington Nationals in Game 4 on Thursday. It's nice that they aren't losing, having used an error and this weird play where Kyle Lohse tried to bounce the ball off the front of his bat to push across a run in the third. But failing to back up a pitcher who looked that sharp is always going to breed disappointment, especially on the road, especially when Pete Kozma has two walks.

Of course, the Nationals have been even less effective on offense, and failed to take advantage of a good performance by Ross Detwiler, et cetera. Their frustration is a lot like our frustration, only we aren't feeling it.

One effectively-wild-eventually Mitchell Boggs outing later (featuring Chad Tracy!) and you'll have to forgive us our tie-game teeth-gnashing. Just be glad this is a Game 4. If it were Game 5, they'd probably lock us all inside the gamethread until things shook out.